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One of the greatest benefits of being an SFTV student is the access you get to our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. From our sound stages to our five Red Ones, we provide the best in class. You’ll have access to standard lighting and grip equipment, 16 computers installed with Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting software, and advanced editing suites. We offer a completely tapeless workflow in production and post-production; each computer workstation is connected to the 100TB Isilon server via 10GB ethernet so you can pull up a project from any computer. Our Walter and Grace Lantz Animation Lab is equipped with the most cutting-edge digital technology, making us one of the first animation programs in the world to offer virtual cinematography. Whether you are an animation, screenwriting, recording arts or production major, we give you the tools to bring your stories to life.


4,000+ square foot premiere studio designed by Gensler
Render farm – 30 nodes rendering animation frames
Motion capture/stop motion stage with the Natural Point OptiTrack system and LED lighting instruments


TWO Camera Prep Bays

Digital Cameras:
RED One MX - 4K
SONY EX3 - Full HD
Canon C300 - Full HD
Canon XF100 - Full HD

Film Cameras:
Arriflex BL4s - Super 35mm
Arriflex SR2 - Super 16mm

Cinema Prime Lens Sets: Zeiss Ultra Primes, Zeiss Super Speeds, Elite Super Speeds, Zeiss CP2, Canon Cinema PrimesSound

Sound is recorded digitally to Sound Devices 702T using compact flash cards
ProTools sound editing software
2 mix suites capable of 5.1 surround sound mixes with Digidesign C24 control surface
2 Foley Studios
ADR Suite


5400 square feet (60 x 90) film stage
1200 square feet (25 x 46 feet) TV Stage with a permanent green screen cyc
Each stage has 1200 amps of power for lighting

Post Production

Avid Media Composer picture editing software
28 beginning/intermediate editing workstations
7 advanced editing suites
Avid Symphony DX Nitris finishing station
2 color correction suites running DaVinci Resolve

Mayer Theater

Seating: 126 Theater Seats (Rockers)
Projectors: 1 Kinoton FP38 E, 1 Kinoton FP30 E, NEC NC800C D-Cinema
Processors: Dolby CP650
Servers: DVS Fuze Servers, Dolby D-Cinema Player DSP-100, Dolby D-Cinema Store DSS-100
Sources: Sony DV Cam player, Sony HD Cam player (Not SR), Oppo Blu-Ray player (All Region), Sony Laser Disc player, Philips VHS player, Pioneer DVD player (Multi Region)
Speaker System: JBL 5671 Three-Way Speaker System (Film system), JBL EON 1500(PA System)
Screen: Stewart Filmscreen, Ultramatte 130 MicroPerf, Image Size 11’–9” x 23’–9” (26’–6” diag), Throw 28’
Film Picture Sizes: 1:33 (12'1" x 9'10"), 1:66 (13'1"x 7'9"), 1:85 (17' 11" x 9' 10"), 2:35 (19' 11" x 8'8")
Video Picture Sizes: 16x9 (16'10"x 9'8"), 4x3 (11'9" x 9'8")

Mayer Theater Calendar

To obtain a password to access the Mayer Theater Calendar, please contact Bob Berman or 310-258-8840.