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As a premiere private institution, the school of film and television at LMU relies on the generosity of our alumni, friends, parents and corporate partners to provide the highest level of education in all areas of film, animation, television and digital media. It is because of the generous support of our LMU family that we are able to remain relevant in the ever-changing filmmaking industry.

Each year we increasingly rely on the support of alumni, parents and friends—like you—to offer students the finest programs and services. From panel discussions with some of the most influential leaders in the entertainment industry to a full-service internship program, we strive to maintain an educational environment that enriches the lives of everyone here at the School of Film and Television.

Our Director of Development, Stacy Barnes will be happy to assist you with making a meaningful gift to SFTV. Please contact her to discuss the various giving options. or call at 310-338-5981

Film Outside the Frame

Film Outside the Frame, SFTV's annual student awards and film festival, recognizes student achievements in all areas of filmmaking. Each year, top student work is screened at a major studio in front of friends, family, LMU community and industry professionals. Awards are given in the areas of Best Cinematography, Best Animation, Best Teleplay, Best Sound Design, Best Documentary and more.

This year's festival will be held on Saturday, September 27th, 2014 at Paramount Pictures. Save the Date, more details to come!

Below is a list of this year’s nominated FOF films. (The SFTV Faculty award nominees will be announced soon). Winners will be announced at the festival, which is at Paramount Studios on Saturday, September 27, 2014. Congratulations!

Cub Award
Love in Leo's World (Dir: Matthew Thompson)
Fragile Dreams (Dir: Kevin Molina-Ortiz)
Rotary (Dir: Maya Ben Yair)
Drowning (Dir: Alexander Sharp)
In the Mood (Dir: Siena Oberman)

Silver Lion Award
Deeds Not Words (Dir: Matthew Law)
Martin (Dir: Justin Lee)
End of Innocence (Dir: Josh Stein)
The Magic Moment (Dir: Christopher Helkey)
Pretty Boy (Dir: Dylan Walsh)

Golden Lion Award
Under the Grove (Dir: Nate Townsend)
The Classroom (Dir: Vivian Miranda)
I Love My City (Dir: Thomas MacVicar)
Pytho (Dir: Kate Remsen)
omg (Dir: Joe Slavin)

Student Choice Award
Fragile Dreams (Dir: Kevin Molina-Ortiz)
Pane (Dir: Chase Ellison)
Right Here Waiting (Dir: Xiaoxiao Chen)
The Classroom (Dir: Vivian Miranda)
Under the Grove (Dir: Nate Townsend)

Best Sound Design
Audrey Makes A Mixtape (SD: James Mackenzie)
Fragile Dreams (SD: Christopher Kalil, Gavin Finn, Zac Martinez)
Eden (SD: Daniel Kaumpungan, Blake Gearheard)
Ressentiment (SD: Bobby Maxey)
Rotary (SD: Maya Ben Yair)

Best Live Action
Le Voyage (Dir: Luc Delamare)
Under The Grove (Dir: Nate Townsend)
The Dark Comes Quick (Dir: Chris Martens)
The Classroom (Dir: Vivian Miranda)
Audrey Makes A Mixtape (Dir: James Mackenzie)

Best Animation
Paradice (Rachel Tamura)
Prey (Victoria Giacomazzi, Emily Crosby)
Sun Requited (Jackson Turcotte, Amanda Goad, Megan Hersman)
Let's Go To The Zoo (Stephanie Troncoso, Angela Elgar, Conner Troxclair)
Fragile Dreams (Kevin Molina-Ortiz, Skylar Wilcots, Lestter Segura, Justin Hubert)

Ian Conner Award For Best Cinematography
Le Voyage (DP: Luc Delamare)
Right Here Waiting (DP: Xiaoxiao Chen)
Audrey Makes A Mixtape (DP: Zhang Yu)
Pane (DP: Luc Delamare)
Find Your Instrument (DP: Mike Buchbauer)

Dreier Family Award For Best Editing
Failure Capacity (Editor: Logan Williams)
The Canvas City (Editor: Richard Paul Giacomazzi)
The Classroom (Editor: Blake Simon)
The Magic Moment (Editor: Christopher Helkey)
Find Your Instrument (Editor: Solomon Onita Jr.)
Trash, Manufactured (Editor: Christopher Jones)

Arkoff Award For Best Produced Screenplay
The Classroom (Writer: Vivian Miranda; Prod: Kyle Laffey)
Le Voyage (Writer/Producer: Kelsey Taylor)
Eden (Co-Writer: Michael Mazzo; Prod(s): Michael Mazzo, Blake Gearheard)
Purgatory (Writer: Taylor Marie Wong; Prod(s): Taylor Marie Wong, Isidor Maxwell Pollak)
Under The Grove (Writer: Nate Townsend; Prod: Michael De La Torre)

Best Documentary
Project: Freedom (Dir: William Start)
The Canvas City (DIr: Richard Paul Giacomazzi)
That Could've Been… (Dir: Narasimha Vivek Rao Nipani)
The Magic Moment (Dir: Christopher Helkey)
Trash, Manufactured (Dir: Christopher Jones)
Growing In Concrete (Dir: Neil Hilken)

Best Production Design
Nora & Ruth (PD(s): Chelsea Bo, Sean Drummond)
Martin (PD(s): Andrew Salerno, Anna Delman)
In The Mood (PD: Tabatha Laanui)
Audrey Makes A Mixtape (PD: Sara Baum)
Pane (PD: Chase Ellison)

Best Original Undergraduate Screenplay
Children Of The Sea (Writer: Philippa Adams)
Cold Turkey (Writer: Edmund "Ned" O'Connor)
Operation Empty Nest Syndrome (Writer: Christopher James)

Best Original Undergraduate Pilot or Teleplay
Rehabilitation (Writer: Blaise Leone)
Miss Ashford (Writer: Philippa Adams)
Our Asian Neighbors (Writer: Pamela Loh)

Best Original Graduate Screenplay
Sometimes The Wolf (Writer: Myles Reid)
The Whitechapel Murders (Writer: Kara Costello)
Agent Brownie (Writer: Andrew Michael Blanchette)

Best Original Graduate Pilot or Teleplay
Hide And Seek - "Ceres" (Writer: Kara Costello)
Calle Vida (Writer: Ana Avila)
Wonderland Avenue - "Down the Rabbit Hole" (Writer: Rachel Brethauer)

Bernard Abbene Comedy Writing Award (Best Comedy)
The Sit Room (Writer: Charles Dewey)
Sun Requited (Writer: Jackson Turcotte)
Rusty Fish (Writer: Chelsea Bo)
Lights, Camera, Death?! (Co-Writer: Sara Baum; Co-Writer: Laura Baum)
La Hermandad (Writer: Mandy Faura)

SFTV Dean's Directing Award
The Classroom (Dir: Vivian Miranda)
Trash, Manufactured (Dir: Christopher Jones)
Audrey Makes A Mixtape (Dir: James Mackenzie)
Find Your Instrument (Dir: Solomon Onita Jr.)
Right Here Waiting (Dir: Xiaoxiao Chen)
Le Voyage (Dir: Luc Delamare)

The James Wong Best Picture Award
Out of ConTEXT (Producer/Writer/Director: Sadia Qutubuddin; Producer: Frank Cohen)
Right Here Waiting (Producer/Director: Xiaoxiao Chen)
Purgatory (Producer/Writer/Director: Taylor Marie Wong; Producer: Isidor Maxwell Pollak)
The Magic Moment (Producer/Director: Christopher Helkey)
Under The Grove (Producer: Michael De La Torre; Writer/Director: Nate Townsend)
The Classroom (Writer/Director: Vivian Miranda; Producer: Kyle Laffey)

Faculty Award for Promotion of Social Justice
Trash, Manufactured (Dir: Christopher Jones)
Project: Freedom (Dir: William Start)
Seeing The Elephant (Dir: Jim Jacobi)
I Am Standing (Dir(s): Neil Hilken, Thomas Ireton)
On The Fence (Dir: Hanna Bowens)

Faculty Award for Global Perspective & Intercultural Experiences
Le Voyage (Dir: Luc Delamare)
The Canvas City (DIr: Richard Paul Giacomazzi)
Right Here Waiting (Dir: Xiaoxiao Chen)
Under the Grove (Dir: Nate Townsend)
Scomparendo (Disappearing) (Dir: David Schottky, Jr.)