Office of the Dean

Academic Administrative Staff

  • Mary Abshire, Senior Administrative Coordinator for the Graduate Program
  • Tina Brauneck, Senior Administrative Coordinator
  • Mary Covington, Senior Administrative Coordinator
  • Linda Jorgensen, Senior Coordinator of Academic Services
  • Jenny Vasquez, Academic Affairs Associate, Graduate Recruitment & Admissions

Communications & Events


SFTV Technical Support

  • Dusk Bennett, Sound Engineer Administrator
  • Bob Berman, Theater Services Administrator
  • Bryan Cahill, Production Sound Administrator
  • Elise Dean, Administrative Coordinator
  • Ron Goldshine, Television Engineer Administrator
  • Frank Hughes, Studio Operations Administrator
  • Brian Kotowski, Post Production Supervisor
  • Will Mack, LMU Technical Support
  • Jenny Manriquez, Academic Affairs Associate 
  • Debora McClune, Academic Affairs Associate
  • Josh Morgan, Animation Technical Services Engineer
  • Ken Ornstein, Head of Production
  • Laurel Schmolze, Instructional Technologist
  • Peter Soto, Camera Services Administrator