Victoria de la Concha

Victoria de la Concha, MFA ’22, Writing and Producing for Television

What inspired you to pursue a master’s degree in writing and producing for TV?
At a young age, I was exposed to scripts because my dad wrote as a hobby. He told me these fantastic bedtime stories and I became fascinated with the power of story. After I finished my undergrad degree, I worked as a production assistant in New York for a couple of years. That experience convinced me that I needed to come to L.A. to jump-start my TV career.  

What kinds of TV shows do you like and do you hope to create?
I love stories that have strong female protagonists. And right now I want to start writing for a young adult audience. Being young can be very lonely. You always feel like there’s something wrong with you. I want kids to know they’re not alone, to accept themselves just as they are, no matter what the rest of the world says. And I think everything goes down better with a spoonful of comedy to keep these sorts of messages entertaining and fun.

What made you decide to come to SFTV, and how’s the experience been so far?
Not many film schools have a TV writing-specific MFA program like the one here. The nickname ”showrunner school” sums it up well. In TV, great writing is important, but writers also need to know a lot about production because you’ve got to understand what’s feasible and works best in the medium.

Another thing that drew me to this program was the mentorship during and afterward. The mentor who’s assigned to me after I graduate will work with me for a year to help me stay on the right path career-wise. Knowing I’ll be cared for both in school and afterward made me feel like I’m not just a number.

The environment among our peers at SFTV is really healthy and supportive. Every time I get a note from a classmate it’s building me up, it’s making me grow as a writer. And it also helps me develop a thicker skin. I’m meeting this wonderful network of people I’ll know for the rest of my life. Coming here is the best decision I could have made for myself.