International Documentary Program in Bonn, Germany

The International Documentary Program affords students in their junior year a semester of rigorous production training, grooming them for careers in film and beyond. The program is unique in how thoroughly it prepares participants for their venture overseas, requiring prior study in German and European topics. Once in Bonn, you'll get hands-on experience in intensive courses and workshops before beginning your own documentary short. The International Documentary Program is a partnership with FITS Europe hosted by the Academy for International Education, which has been collaborating with LMU for more than 20 years.

Screenwriting Program at the Budapest Film Academy (BFA)

SFTV's newest study abroad program is held in conjunction with Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE). Located in the heart of Hungary's capital, just blocks from the Danube River, the BFA offers students a unique opportunity to learn different approaches to film while taking classes integrated with Hungarian and international students.

Faculty and staff work together to ensure easy transfer of academic credits and financial aid for both international programs. The cost of tuition, housing (with nearby host families), meals, transportation and excursions (to Berlin and Prague) is comparable to that of a semester at LMU.

This comprehensive support of both programs allows you the freedom to concentrate on visual storytelling, with your locale providing inspiration at every turn. By studying abroad, you truly broaden your horizons. You have a deeper well of material to draw from, which enriches the storytelling skills and the projects you'll produce throughout your life.

SFTV Summer in Bologna, Italy

The Cinema Ritrovato festival is the largest and most prestigious film restoration festival in the world. Through this program, students will be attending its 32nd edition. The Ritrovato partners with upwards of 25 institutions around the world dedicated to film restoration, including Martin Scorcese's World Cinema Foundation, dedicated to restoring diverse films from around the globe. This program brings invaluable opportunities to our students for learning and for connecting with a global film culture.

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Study Abroad

Eighteen SFTV students made the trek to Bonn, Germany to live, work and play as part of LMU's Semester Abroad program. Situated on the Rhine River, Bonn is the hometown of Beethoven and is the ideal location for cultural excursions including festivals, film studio tours, exhibitions and trips to other European countries.