SFTV Playa Vista Campus

Exterior of the Playa Vista Campus as the sun sets behind it

The School of Film and Television expands to a second location this fall with the debut of the new Playa Vista Campus. The 50,000 square foot space will be comprised of 35,000 square feet to be used by the School of Film and Television and 15,000 square feet to be utilized by the university for an evolving calendar of interdisciplinary programming. Venues and amenities will evolve as the vision of the campus comes to life.

Location & Hours of Operation

LMU's Playa Vista campus is located at 12105 West Waterfront Drive. We reside on the second floor of the building with entry to the space via the elevators at the 1st floor street level lobby.

The campus will be open seven days a week, from 8:00am – 12am. There will be additional hours of availability during the peak times on the academic calendar.

Shuttle Service

LMU Shuttle service between the Westchester campus and the Playa Vista Campus will be available six days a week starting August 20, 2018.

Monday – Friday

  • 7:30am - 11:30am, every 30 minutes
  • 11:30am - 8:30pm, every 15 minutes
  • 8:30pm - 11:30pm, every 30 minutes


  • 9:00am - 5:30pm, every 30 minutes

The two stops on Westchester campus are located at the University Hall flagpole and Lawton Plaza. The shuttle will stop at the Playa Vista Campus and during return trips to Westchester Campus only, it will also stop at "The Runway" (retail/restaurant stop) in Playa Vista.

Parking for Personal Vehicles

Students may choose to drive their personal vehicle to the LMU Playa Vista Campus. There is currently no charge for street parking on West Waterfront Drive. Parking is on a first-come, first-serve basis and may be limited at peak times. Paid off-street parking is available at the campus building subject to posted rates.


The campus will open for classes in August 2018 with the following SFTV graduate programs:

  • Writing for the Screen
  • Writing & Producing for TV
  • Film & TV Production

Fall 2018 Class Offerings

  • FTVS 511 - Television History
  • FTVS 513 - Seminar in American Film
  • FTVS 514 - Seminar in International Film
  • FTVS 612 - Seminar in Film Authors
  • PROD 566 - Post-Production
  • PROD 600 - Advanced Production
  • PROD 650 - Thesis Project: Production
  • SCWR 501 - Writing for Production
  • SCWR 540 - Elements of Feature Film Screenwriting
  • SCWR 550 - Elements of Television Writing
  • SCWR 640 - Rewriting Intermediate Feature Project
  • SCWR 650 - Advanced Screenwriting Project
  • SCWR 661 - Writing the Drama Pilot
  • SCWR 671 - Writing the Comedy Pilot
  • SCWR 680 - Television Producing
  • SCWR 685 - Entertainment Business Affairs
  • SCWR 689 - Acting for Television
  • SCWR 690 - Thesis Screenplay Project

Note: Classes are subject to change.

Technical Space

Home to many of our graduate screenwriting and film production courses, the space has been designed to support a wide range of creative endeavors including screenwriting, film directing, film production and editing, film and television studies, sound recording and mixing, web design and VR/AR production.

Playa Vista Campus Floorplan

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Event Venues

  • The Gallery, a 5,000 square foot flexible-use event and meeting space
  • 45-seat graded theater
  • 28-seat screening room
  • 3-general-use classrooms/meeting rooms

Teaching & Learning Spaces

These spaces will offer world-class amenities for SFTV students and faculty and will evolve to meet emerging needs.

At launch, they will include:

  • 12-seat sound mixing stage with Avid S6 console
  • 16-seat multi-use sound mix classroom with attached ADR/Foley stage
  • A stand-alone ADR/Foley stage
  • 16-seat Avid editing computer lab
  • 8 professional-level Avid editing rooms with additional private teaching space
  • 7 seat color correction theatre
  • 11 classrooms, including two high-end collaborative active learning classrooms
  • 3 flexible studios with green screen backdrops and moveable partitions
  • 2 "black box" teaching and production stages
  • 2 large "collaboration spaces/living rooms" with a variety of seating and table options for group and individual work
  • A café-like lounge area
  • Student Production Office (SPO) with resources and staff to aid student productions