Advising Assistance

Johana Hernandez, MFA – Assistant Dean

Assistant Dean Hernandez serves as advisor to students and SFTV faculty as they engage in the advising process; monitors students' academic progress and guides students who may be subject to academic disqualifications; partners with student support services within SFTV and across the University to enhance SFTV students' educational experience; and assists with issues related to student challenges. Johana approves study abroad plans and transfer courses for currently enrolled students, assists students with academic policy questions and petitions, and helps students to understand Degree Progress Reports.

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Pre-Registration Planning

For a comprehensive description of current degree requirements, course offerings, and academic policies, please see the University Bulletin.

If you are a continuing student with academic concerns, please be sure to visit the online resources below:

Prepare for Registration

The Office of the Registrar has improved opportunities for students to navigate the registration process.

  • Visit the Office of the Registrar Registration page to see what you can do to prepare for registration.
  • The Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes is now available. You can access the schedule via PROWL.
  • Check your DegreeWorks audit prior to and after registration. Visit the Degree Audit page to familiarize yourself with the format.

Individual Assistance

Schedule assistance and general advising are available through University Advising at the Academic Resource center. Schedule a meeting with University Advising.

One-on-one appointments are available through the SFTV Advising to answer questions or concerns. Spots are limited, so act quickly! Request a One-on-one appointment.

Important Reminders

  • DegreeWorks is the best system to track your degree progress, but does not include course sequence information. To view a four-year model, be sure to visit your major information in the University Bulletin.
  • Faculty mentoring – If you have questions about your major and/or need career advice, you can request a meeting with your faculty mentor / advisor at any time during the semester. Faculty Mentoring is different from registration preparation in that it is meant to help you navigate your academic experience in directly coordination with your overall creative development.

Fall Semester Course Offerings