MFA Application Requirements

Applicants must submit all materials to the Graduate Division by the deadline of January 10, 2017. 

These materials are comprised of the following and detailed below:

  1. Application and $50 application fee
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Creative Samples
  4. Two letters of recommendation (one academic, one professional)
  5. All transcripts
  6. GRE scores  



LMU offers an easy online application. Please visit the Graduate Division website to get started. NOTE: Applicants may apply to only ONE graduate program per year. Applicants may not apply simultaneously to two different SFTV programs.



Writing for the Screen (WSCR) and Writing and Producing for Television (WPTV)

Write a creative essay or short story that expresses an understanding of how you became the writer you are today.  This piece should reflect your unique perspective on life and the world.  (Less than 1000 words.)




Combine all your written work into a single PDF file. This may include the (a) personal statement or (b) written samples.  We prefer that you do NOT send us hard copies of your creative samples. 

Writing for the Screen (WSCR) and Writing and Producing for Television (WPTV)
Applicants to the graduate program in Writing for the Screen and Writing and Producing for Television must complete the Creative Challenge. Please complete the following two components of the Creative Challenge:

a)  Write a scene between two people using one of the following single sentence ideas:

"A couple finds an old pair of wingtip shoes in an attic."
"A husband or wife of 20 years is a serial killer"
"Love at first sight"

You must use a screenplay format (2-5 pages maximum)

b)  Two writing samples:  One feature-length screenplay or teleplay (half-hour or one-hour; spec or pilot). The second sample may be a short story or a one-act play. 


4.  LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (required for all programs)

Your letters of recommendation will be read carefully. We recommend that you provide at least one academic letter and one professional letter. Applicants must submit their letter electronically through the online application. If your recommender prefers to mail the recommendation letter, please provide them with the recommendation form available from the Graduate Admissions web page. Applicants are responsible for making sure the letters have been received. Application packets will not be reviewed unless they are complete.


5.  OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS (required for all programs)

We require two official sealed transcripts supplied by all schools you attended. These letters should be included in your application packet or mailed separately by the school. We recommend you send your transcripts to the Office of Graduate Admissions at least 3 weeks prior to the application deadline. Transcripts should be sent to:  

Graduate Admissions

Loyola Marymount University

1 LMU Drive, Suite 1840

Los Angeles, CA  90045-2659 

All international applicants must submit a transcript evaluation before their application can be reviewed. Please visit the Graduate Admissions page for more information.


6.  GRE REQUIREMENT (see requirements below)

The GRE is required for all applicants with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0.  However, we strongly recommend that all applicants submit GRE scores as further evidence of their academic performance. 


If you need more information or need assistance, please email or call 310.338.4630.