Film, TV, and Media Studies

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Our Film, TV and Media Studies minor will heighten your love of cinema, expanding your knowledge of visual entertainment by immersing you in the world of classic and contemporary film, television and international cinema. Familiarity with the work of past cinematic innovators will open your eyes to new ways of seeing, energizing and shaping your work. It will also make you smarter by introducing you to concepts of media literacy–in other words, teaching you how to "read" a film or television program.

Any LMU student can choose this minor (18 units) or take FTVS courses to complete academic requirements or train for any livelihood that requires a grasp of how media affects the way we think. SFTV students who choose this minor round out their concentration in production, recording arts, screenwriting or animation. Classes include Art of the Cinema or Art of Television, Survey of American or International Film, One TV or Film Genre or Film Authors course, One National Cinema or International class, and two electives.

A cornerstone of SFTV's curriculum, the program brings film and television history to life. It also lends balance to your experiential education by exposing you to essential cinema, including features, short films, documentaries, and to global film, opening your mind to other cultures, national histories and beliefs.

Instructors likewise lead you on an exploration of underrepresented groups and ideas of social justice. Encouraging critical thinking reflects the University's mission of educating the whole person; faculty encourage you to look outward, beyond artistic values to your own ethical principles.