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The LMU Writing for the Screen M.F.A. teaches you how to think like a screenwriter through a progression of rigorous classes, using long-form feature film writing as the springboard for crafting stories for a variety of screen sizes. This focus reflects the demands of the constantly evolving entertainment industry, providing you with a framework to pursue a writing career.

During the course of your graduate education, you will emerge as a professional evidenced by your work on the page and grounded in an understanding of the industry and the business skills necessary to attain success.

What sets LMU apart from other schools is our third year launch into the industry. While the first two years focus on process and craft, understanding the nature of screen story, and discovering each writer's individual voice, in the third year you will focus on professional development.

Small class sizes allow you to closely collaborate with your peers and to gain access to professors in a non-competitive workshop environment. The result is the completion of at least three feature screenplays and two television scripts.

Beyond coursework, LMU offers an internship program that is unparalleled in Los Angeles, mentorships, a First Pitch series that culminates with an industry-pitching event at the WGA and Saturday sessions with industry insiders like JJ Abrams, Glen Mazzara, Roberto Orci and LMU alum Melissa Blake.

LMU sets the stage for you to start your career in the most professionally prepared manner.