Why Choose Writing for the Screen?

As a Writing for the Screen student, you will progress from taking classes on the fundamental elements of storytelling and production to creating a portfolio of work, which will include three feature-length screenplays, one episodic teleplay, and at least one original pilot for television.

Our classes are highly collaborative, offering constant interaction and feedback from peers along with hands-on mentorship from experienced, award-winning faculty. Using feature film writing as the springboard for crafting stories for a variety of screen sizes, you will learn how to think and work like a professional screenwriter.

The first two years of the program focus on process and craft, understanding the nature of stories written for the screen, and helping you discover your voice and identify the stories you want to tell. During the program’s third year, we focus on professional development, with portfolio reviews, pitch rehearsal, and regular lectures and workshops with industry guests to give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to sell yourself and your work. You also will be placed in internships with the production companies you most admire.

The program culminates in our annual First Pitch event, in which faculty bring more than 40 agents, managers, and other industry professionals to campus to meet SFTV’s M.F.A. writing graduates. You will pitch your portfolio to industry pros and discuss your vision for the stories you want to tell as a screenwriter. At the end of the night, the MFA Screenwriting Directory, containing your contact information and portfolio summary, is put into the hands of these powerful people who can help you launch your career.