Message from the Program Director

Michael F.X. Daley
Graduate Director of WPTV

Associate Clinical Professor of Screenwriting

As Graduate Director of SFTV’s MFA Screenwriting Program in Writing & Producing for Television, I’m honored to work with our administration, staff, and faculty to ensure that the WPTV graduate cohort has the support they need as they go through our program.  The first class I taught at LMU was the second cohort of the WPTV program.  I’ve worked closely with each cohort since.  Watching them grow through the years, culminating in the First Pitch event to become working professionals, has brought me incredible joy. I will work to make sure each MFA student is on track to fulfill their creative and career goals, giving them the mentoring and the skills they need to succeed in writers’ rooms and in the film and television industry at large. With over twenty years of experience in television, on over twenty-five shows, I bring real world past experience to ground their future aspirations.  Our three-year program gives each writer/producer the time to hone their craft and develop their contacts, so they can leave here ready and able to work.

Thank you for exploring this program. I encourage prospective students to contact us for more information.