Message from the Program Director

Patricia Meyer

As Graduate Director of SFTV’s two MFA Screenwriting Programs—Writing for the Screen and Writing & Producing for Television—I have the pleasure of working with our distinguished administration, staff, and faculty to ensure that our two graduate cohorts are thriving as they work their way through the academic and creative gateways of workshops, internships, and the culminating First Pitch event, to become working professionals. My goal is to ensure that each MFA student is on track to fulfill their creative and career goals, giving them the mentoring and access they need to succeed in writers rooms and beyond the workshop space, in the film and television industry at large. As a thirty-year industry veteran, with an ongoing writing and producing career, I enjoy leading by example, imparting to our evolving visual storytellers that the life of a writer and producer is a marathon, not a sprint.  Our three-year programs, with an emphasis on the crucial rewrite process, give graduate students the tools and inspiration to make that leap right out of the gate.

Thank you for exploring this program. I encourage prospective students to contact us for more information.

Patricia K. Meyer,
Clinical Assistant Professor and Graduate Director of Screenwriting