International Documentary Minor


The International Documentary Production minor trains students to excel in the art and craft non-fiction storytelling, regardless of prior filmmaking experience. Coursework and hands-on projects will show you how to use techniques such as narration, editing, and sound design to craft compelling documentaries with a strong point of view.

Students in this minor program will study for one semester in Bonn, Germany. Interested students must apply for the minor program and LMU Study Abroad at the same time, using the same application process. Click here to begin your application.

The minor is 18 semester hours consisting of:

  • PROD 210 - Introduction to Documentary Production (3 semester hours)
  • PROD 328 - International Documentary Pre-Production (3 semester hours)
  • PROD 340 - Introduction to Cinematography Non-Fiction (3 semester hours)
  • PROD 355 - International Documentary Production (3 semester hours)
  • PROD 367 - Post-Production for Non-Majors (3 semester hours)
  • RECA 330 - Sound Design for Documentary (3 semester hours)