Why Choose Film, Television, and Media Studies?

In the Film, Television, and Media Studies program you’ll explore the many ways that visual media reflect, shape, and question cultural values, attitudes, and beliefs, including but not limited to representations of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, and nationality.

Your courses will build the historical and theoretical foundations necessary for you to understand the debates, issues, and concerns that underpin the discipline while learning the tools to critically examine the ways your own perceptions have been shaped and influenced by media texts.

At SFTV we believe in imparting a global perspective. Through the film/media texts we screen, along with class discussions and assigned readings, we aim to deepen students’ understanding of a variety of cultures, national histories, and religious viewpoints.

To supplement your studies you can choose from among a variety of minors, electives, and study abroad programs. Whether you’re interested in trying out hands-on filmmaking, writing, theater, political science, psychology, or the humanities, you can customize your coursework to match your interests and ambitions.

This degree will prepare you well for working as a film historian, critic, or archivist. And it's also a great foundation for pursuing a job in journalism, academia, and many other fields.