Office of the Dean

  • Joanne Moore, Dean
  • Carla Marcantonio, Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs
  • Charles Swanson, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Melanie Bates, Executive Assistant

Academic Affairs

  • Carla Marcantonio, Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs
  • Johana Hernandez, Assistant Dean
  • Marissa Wilkinson, Undergraduate Advisor
  • Celeste Ward, Graduate Programs Advisor
  • Allison Knight, Academic Affairs Associate
  • Blake Anderson, Academic Affairs Associate 
  • Therese Loyola, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Administration and Planning

  • Vacant, Associate Dean of Administration and Planning
  • Yanet Cortez, Graduate Programs Recruiter
  • Lex McNaughton, Director of Industry Relations
  • Katie Micay, Events Producer


  • Kristina Justiniano, Senior Director of Development

Marketing and Communications

  • Kelsey Shimoide, Associate Director of Academic Communications

Physical Production and Technical Support

  • Laura Greenlee, Head of Physical Production
  • Debora McClune, Associate Head of Physical Production 
  • Heather Cain, Theater Services Administrator 
  • Bryan Cahill, Production Sound Administrator
  • Elise Dean, Technical Coordinator
  • Frank Hughes, Studio Operations Administrator
  • Alexander Egger, Post-Production Supervisor
  • Will Mack, Post-Production System Administrator
  • Jenny Manriquez, Academic Affairs Associate
  • Josh Morgan, Animation Technical Services Engineer
  • Peter Soto, Camera Services Administrator
  • Séamus O'Ryan, Technology Support Specialist
  • James Watts, Sound Engineer
  • Sophia Costanzo, Senior Administrative Coordinator
  • Nyla Manuel, Administrative Coordintor - Permit Support