Working with Career and Professional Development

At LMU SFTV, there are many resources, opportunities, and connections that are available to help you navigate your film and TV career right from Day One.

All student appointments with Mandy Brockhaus, Assistant Director of Creative Professions, can be made online through Handshake. Request a CPD coaching appointment by clicking on the "Appointments" tab on the left navigation panel, then "Schedule a New Appointment."

Below is a short list of our top recommendations for students, but you can head to the Career and Professional Development webpage to see their full range of offerings.

Talk to CPD about... 

  • Career paths you can take with your major
  • How to prepare for an internship, your dream job, and more
  • How to apply to graduate programs
  • More information on the companies listed on Handshake

All LMU students are encouraged to visit the CPD early and often throughout their college career. CPD staff are continuously building and solidifying partnerships with companies around the world that benefit LMU students. LMU internship experiences help students clarify their career path, build confidence, and ultimately make meaningful connections that lead to successful outcomes after graduation.

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