Palm Trees on the Bluff

Our academic advisors are available to help you fix errors on your Degree Audit Report, address registration issues, and more. We work together with your assigned faculty advisor in your program to make sure you're fulfilling your goals, making the most of your education, and staying on track to graduate. In addition to your academic support, you'll also have access to SFTV's Career Support Team.

SFTV Graduate Academic Advising Contact 

Celeste Ward
Graduate Advisor

Your faculty advisor is also available to answer any questions about your major, please view the list below for your appropriate contact.


Whom Should I Contact?

    • Understand major requirements
    • Discuss interests within your major
    • Identify research opportunities
    • Find relevant internships
    • Discuss careers options
    • Plan to meet all requirements
    • Read your Degree Audit Report
    • Fix problems on your Degree Audit Report
    • Help you craft a three-year plan
    • Troubleshoot problems with course registration
    • Process academic forms

Faculty Advisors by Program

Film and Television Production

First Years: Eugene Brancolini (

Directing Fiction – Mischa Livingstone (
Directing Non-fiction – Luis Proença (
Cinematography – Charles Swanson (
Editing – Sharon Mooney (
Creative Producing – Luis Proença (

Writing for the Screen

First Year: Karol Hoeffner (
Second Year: Stacy Spruill (
Third Year: Beth Serlin (

Writing & Producing for Television

First Year: Patty Meyer (
Second Year: John Strauss (
Third Year: Ernie Bustamante (